About Us



It is no longer news that good physical health can be maintained as well as some sickness prevented through knowledge, This principle can be applied to maintaining good mental well beign. MW cafe aim at harnessing the power of interaction and experience/knowledge sharing to build resilience among both those with healthy and challenging mental dispositions.


Our Approach

We bring together students of architecture from diverse cultural and financial backgrounds as small groups, to chat informally over tea, coffee and biscuits about their experiences. This could include students who have been through some challenging mental health situations and pulled through. Students who have had easier or no mental wellbeing challenges could also provide tips on what has helped them through the rigours of architectural education. Most of these meetings will be moderated by a professional.


Why Us?

So much research that relates to mental well being are being carried out nationally and otherwise. However, for students of architecture, the emphasis has been on causes and mitigation of adverse mental wellbeing conditions. Having noticed that not much work is focussed on resilience building, we decided to bring architecture students together from time to time in small groups to learn from each other with the aim of building increased mental well being resilience.